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Mayors of the Municipal Borough of Chingford, Essex.
In 1938 the Chingford Urban District was granted a Charter of Incorporation.
In 1965 the area became part of the larger London Borough of Waltham Forest.

Years Name Notes
1938-39 W F Gillham
1939-40 W F Gillham (second term)
1940-41 Mrs. Ellen E Stutely
1941-42 Albert Ernest Banfield
1942-43 Wilfred Philip Soggee
1943-44 S F Brigg
1944-45 Percy S Powell
1945-46 Percy S Powell (second term)
1946-47 A J Strachan
1947-49 A H Hart
1949-50 William Stanley Higho
1950-51 A Fitzsimmons AMIEE
1951-52 J W R Nation
1952-53 F E Dodson
1953-54 J W Cordor
1954-55 V D Hall
1955-56 A T H Austin
1956-57 F H Holder
1957-58 W J Bowstead
1958-59 W W A Stewart
1959-60 G H Smith
1960-61 J A Cooper
1961-62 J Harry J Berry
1962-63 C H Staig
1963-64 J W R Nation (second term)
1964-65 W J Bowstead (second term)

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