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About Us
The purpose of Waltham Forest Memories is to gather and safekeep the memories of people who live, have lived (or had ancestors who lived) within the Waltham Forest boundaries and wish to share them. This may also lead to resuming contact with long-lost friends or relatives.

The site lives thanks to your individual contributions in the form of articles, pictures or a combination of both. 

WFM is free. The WFM site does not charge fees nor solicit money contributions from visitors, nor it contains commercial advertisments. No payment will be issued to authors of articles/images/emails submitted for publication. The maintainance, upkeep and editing of the site is solely based by voluntary and unpaid work.

Don't let the memories fade!

You may submit your stories in the following formats:

  • Plain text: in the body of your email or as an attachment
  • Microsoft Word: attach the file (it may contain images) to your email
  • Adobe PDF: attach the file (it may contain images) to your email
  • Pictures: attach the file(s) to your email (.jpg, .pgn, .tif extensions are ok)

(see Contact Us for appropriate email addresses to use)

Thanks for your partecipation.


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